Thursday, December 20, 2012

إعلان فرسكا

Zoozoo إعلان فرسكا... بذمتكم هذي دعايه 🌹عجب
لاتطوفكم الدعايه ههههههههههههه

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Zain BBQ

I've been invited to Zain BBQ, by miss halla from zain staff for the event, thanks dear, went there with my brother koweiti, we arrived there at 6:39 , I met mr Waleed Alkhashti , mohammed almuhaini ,Hala, hind alnahidh, 6aloob, mohammed almuhana, Abdulla Boftain , shu3aib, his from his & hers blog, & last but not least my dearest brother Nasser Almutawa

First they start to draw some numbers and I won thanks to god an iPhone 5 16 gb, I was so happy with the surprise I got black one, after the draw they bring Osama fouda he is a vj in marina fm the last two iPhone had game on to win love the atmosphere.

After that I saw Bashar Alshatti , then they invite people to the BBQ to start to dig in , I went back home really had a great time

Here's the pictures taken by me & my brother

Happy national day Bahrain

Friday, December 14, 2012


“Wash the dust from your SOUl and HEART with wisdom’s WATER.” Rumi ❤❤

What was the dearest thing you've ever made in your whole life

For me not yet

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Al Hamra Tower

I took this picture when I was going to alrefaie for nut, I took this picture by my iPhone 4 camera also the weather very clear , blue sky seducing me too

Freaked out

Had a strap for my phone given by one of my friends since 2005 suddenly I was sleeping at 3:00 am suddenly by it self saying I LOVE YOU I didn't know this little phone strap has sound 😱, then @bluepegasus55 she was thinking from her iPod , but the more she get closed to the room the more she is close to the sound , I was sleeping I thought one of her alarms, she was standing near the drawers she took the strap suddenly stopped by it own 😱😱😱😱

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More reason to eat fruit

Popeye smoothie

2 day cleanse diet



Quote from Mr Yasir

" My Name for who don’t know me is Yaser Alsiksik,This morning I was in Shuwaikh Free Zone sea side Kuwait for photoshooting the flamingos birds and scene was fantastic view I called my wife to tell her about the magnificence view, after that I open my mobile to take some photos to share it with her and suddenly in the second shoot I saw something strange appeared on my mobile screen for less than a second and gone, here I browse the photos to see what was that and I shocked when I saw the object Flying at a low altitude near the flamingos. 8-12-2012."

Friday, December 7, 2012

مفتون قلبي

مادري شفيني فاصلة ع الأغنية 

تجربتي لحلويات سعد الدين

طلبت من اب طلبات من حلويات سعد الدين ولقرب الفرع منطقة الأندلس لمنزلي في العارضية ، وصل الطلب خلال ٣٠ دقيقة.

بصراحة الحلو وايد عجيب وذرب ورتب يصلح حق الزوارات أو المناسبات
الطعم وايد لذيذ مو حالي حيل

جربوه وماراح تندمون وراح تطلبون منه دايما

So true

Friday, November 30, 2012

Carly rose not human she is an alien

Be creative with wataniya

تفنن في رسم شعار الوطنية في الصورة ووضعه في ( الانستغرام ) وقد تربح جالاكسي نوت٢ لا تنس @wataniya #wataniyacontest #kuwait
Be creative in wataniya logo & share it on (Instagram) you may win Samsung galaxy note2 @wataniya #wataniyacontest #kuwait

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

مطعم جرينو

الصورة توضح لكم في شي غلط هذا ماتبقى من المبلغ المردود عند الطلب من مطعم جرينو كما هو موضح بالصورة المرفقة

من متى نتعامل في العملات الغير كويتية؟؟؟

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Greeno salad

شلونكم حبايبي شخباركم، اليوم بخبركم عن تجربتي الأولى لمطعم greeno salad اللي طلبت منهم من موقع ويوصل حق منطقتي ٥.٠٠٠ دنانير، المهم انا طلبت منهم سلطة الجرجير ٢.٢٥٠ و سلطة الفتوش هم اب ٢.٢٥٠ و بعد طلبت منهم جاط كبير للفطور وسعره ٢.٩٠٠ تقريبا يكفي ٣-٤ أشخاص وبصراحة الفلافل مالتهم خياليه طعمها حامض و الفول هم حلو يبيلكم تجربونه والصورة توضح المكونات داخل الجاط.
للمزيد من المعلومات أو للطلب @Greeno_salad
ارقام الطلبات الخارجيه ٢٢٦٢١٠٩٩-٦٦٩٩٦٠٤٠

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

شركة ساينسكيب فااااشلة

اخوي دش على ابب سينماسكيب عن طريق الايفون و دور عرض يناسبه ولا يلقى عرض في سينما البيرق وأول مرة يروحلها جان يحجز وراحو وطلعوا التذاكر ورايحين على نياتهم اول مرة يروحون حق هالسينما ولا يشوفون في الدريشه للعائلات فقط وبورقه اي٤ ، وبعدين كلموا الفلبيني اللي كان يشتغل هناك بوقتها بالشباك ورد عليهم انه هناك تنبيه بانه هالسينما للعائلات فقط وأخوي وراه تلفونه وموطالع له لا تنبيه ولاشي وبعدين راح نادى مسؤولهم وبلغ اخوي انه اهوه ماله شغل بالموضوع واسمه مشاري وماقالهم اسمه الكامل، قال اخوه له تفاهم مع الادارة ، رد عليه المسؤل مابي راح يضحكون علي الادارة ، ومابرر له السبب مال الضحك، وطلعوا واخوي ورفيجه حاجوا خدمة العملاء بخصوص مجرد تبديل مكان الحجز، وللاسف شركة عريقة ولها تاريخ كبير في المجال السينمائي مايبون يساعدونهم على قولتهم عندهم قانون ونظام وهو التعويض ونسبه ٢٠٪ راح يردون فلوسك وبصراحة نسبه ضئيلة جداً في هذا واليوم انا دقيت وكلمت الخدمة العملاء وحولوني للمسؤل علشان نمشي صح وكان اسمه جراح وبلغته بالسالفة كامله وبعدين قلته اخوي حجز عن طريق الاب مؤ الويبسايت ويرد ويقولي سفاري بصراحة مادري شقولكم ، وقلت له أبي قانون يجزم ويوضح ماهي أنواع الحالات التي ينفع معها التعويض وقال لي وصلني من الإدارة العليا ماراح يعوضونهم وقلت له ابيك توصلني للمسؤل قالي روحي ٣٦٠ الدور ٥ عند واحد اسمه فهد العنزي ولمن قلت له انه اخوي اول مرة يروح حق هالسينما ولو يدري انه للعائلات جان ماحجزوا والحمد الله اخوي محترم وكلمته يعني ماراح تلاقيلي حل قالي بصراحة الي تبين تسوينه سويه ، ورديت عليه ماعندكم قاعده العميل دائماً على صواب سكت ورد يتحجى انه أوامر عليا مانقدر نعوضهم

Friday, September 28, 2012

Trying elevation burger for the 1st time

I went there to Alhamra tower with my friend Wadha & she said she want to try out the elevation burger, while am choosing the burger I thought I have to choose the sandwich with all toppings inside but he said I had to choose them by naming things I want to add inside my burger, then they serve the burger with fresh French fries if you want it plain or with cheese I saw one of the customers holding a plate inside it was a French fries with cheese both of us me & Wadha try out the veggie burger & cheesy fries omg can't stop to eat it , then I try out their veggie burger first bite omg it's delicious fresh everything is fresh clean.

My rate for this restaurant is : *****

Wishing you all the best next visit will invite my family

Joining q80fils

This our new updating blog with my family we all be in one blog named by me, it's great blog you can check our new updates.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bubbles nail spa

Today after work I went to nail spa to change my nail colors , the only reason to go there because it's near to my work place also they do have a great famous variety of nail polish, another important thing is while they 're doing they job they bring you a hot pad they put it on your back of your neck it makes you feel comfy & relaxed, last Saturday I try the reflexology 20 minutes 10 minutes each feet OMG I slept a lil there I advice you to try it out before they start any work they ask you what do you want to drink, don't miss it girls try out their new cookies with green tea I loved it very much for ordering you have to pre order in one day for the next day you will receive your cookies 100 pics for 20 kd, this shop belong to miss badriya Alghanim & I think nada alfares.

All I want to say here thanks & bravo for opening a spa in an area that we miss these kind of spa.

Soon will try out there hair treatment & their head neck massage

My Rate for this shop is *****
Keep it up

Don't miss it girls go there and take a sneak peak
They are located in burj jassim infornt of ice skiing ground floor.

Follow them on instagram : @bubblesnails

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