Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dasman diabetic institution

Hey lovely readers
I want to tell you about my experience in dasman diabetic institution,  from aling time I was searching for gym near to my work place area if you want to know why because when am done from my work within 10 minutes or less to reach the place , I was driving around this building I though only for researching about the diabetes people, till one of my friend there she told about it , I went there to visit the place I love it, to involove and subscribe to the gym you have to do 3 test first for the sugar
In blood, the next day blood test they took from me 5 glass pipes, I went unconscious & the Philippino woman trying to talk to me am feeling everything in me was shutting, I sweat too I stayed there after the shock 10 to 20 minutes seating on the chair till a great man his name is ali was calling me from behind the curtains to make sure am fine & he offer me & brings me cup of water I left then I have to do they urine test too then am done not waiting for the results,  till I have any info about this issue I will update you

Monkey cookies

Hello my lovely readers how are you hope you're fine all today I want to write about my order from monkey cookie , it's a kuwaiti local fresh cookies & I heard about him on instagram in p2bk expo & the people experience & reviews makes me want to try 'em , ohh before I forgot they do have delivery later on I will share the information,
I sent WhatsApp to the owner his name  is abdullah alansari he's polite gentel person I asked him how much the limit to order ti deliver to my area he gave me the price + 3kd delivery fee
I asked him how many flavours & the prices too he sent me a picture include all the answers for my questions, I orderd 1 dozen mix & 1dozen suduction cookies it's all about a normal cookie dough on the top of it marshmallows & hershes at last a strawberry "ymmie"
I had food orgasm while am eating them makes me high also what I like or loved also they size bites size suitable for the people who they have an open day while dieting .
Don't forget to be in touch with him here are his contacting networks:
Instagram: monkey_cookie
My rate for this product is : *****

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Grand cinema kuwait competition

Grand cinema in kuwait now is allowing all the people to take pictures to them selves to print it on their pop corn box so this is my pic hope to see it soon

Monday, March 11, 2013

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