Friday, October 14, 2016

Flower Latte Cafe Kuwait City Sumo

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 Today I discovered a Gem in Kuwait City; I mean a place kind of popular but the shop itself like a gem. 

 I went with my sisters to Al-Mubarakia it’s an old Kuwaiti outdoor souk and you can find everything in this souk most of the tourists when they visit Kuwait they must visit this bazaar you’re going to find some old Kuwaiti stuff as souvenir if you want. 

So the most popular seasonal place called “Sumo” it’s located in the middle of the old Kuwaiti bazaar “Al-Mubarakiya” why did I say seasonal because of the weather in Kuwait the best timing to dine and Shop outdoor in Kuwait starting from mid-October till late April.   

I heard so many times about this coffee shop Called “The Flower Latte”, I’ve seen my friends went to it but I didn’t have the chance to go there until yesterday with my sisters.


The shop is cozy,it does have outdoor seating area also & 4 tables inside. The first Question I asked was “Is the cake homemade?” because I love homemade cake better than bakeries ;). So yeah the cake is Homemade .

 Our Manu was:


- Club Sandwich includes layers of omelet + smoked turkey breast + chicken breast + cheddar cheese + tomatoes & lettuce. Cut in Quarters 4 pieces in total, it’s light & great for the people who are on diet

. My rating: 9/10


- Paprika Fries: normal skinny Fries sprinkled with paprika, it’s crispy & tasty. Yummy!!

 My rating: 8/10 


- Pita bread grilled Halloumi cheese Sandwich: Salty grilled Halloumi cheese + strong pesto sauce + avocado + thyme & black olive. 

 My rating: 8/10 



Banana Chocolate Crepe: Crepe topped with banana but my sister had a special request adding Strawberries and the Melted chocolate on the top was really amazing it tasted WOW.

 My rate: 10/10 

My drinks


- Mine was low Fat Latte.

 - My sisters are addicted to Pepsi. 

 The atmosphere in the restaurant with the songs makes you feel that you are in Italy really a great feeling, calming too...  


 Instagram: @flower_latte

Website coming soon: 

Working Hours: Sat - Fri 10 AM – 12 Midnight

Snapchat: Flower_Latte

Location: Here

Contact Number: 📞+965 22418773

looking forward to visit this place 
bon petite Mowat

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