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Meals on Wheels Kuwait Best Selling Dishes Review

Hello All and welcome to my life where I share what I can about what i experience and test of services here in Kuwait plus the World, anywho here it goes:

They have their menu in so check it out; you can find them on Twitter & Instagram give them a follow (@mealsonwheelskw).

Working Hours Daily: 7:30 AM – 11:30 PM 
Tel: 22460445 / 22460447 and their Hotline: 55559750.
Location Here.

First We (me & sis) would love to thank Mr. Shebo (hope this is right) for the opportunity to try their most best selling dishes in the Meals on Wheels Kuwait Restaurant which he proudly recommended himself to us, but We must clarify that to Dine-in (must try it next time ;)  is best otherwise you won’t give their food justice. 

Let’s begin shall we:

(Appetizer) Real Deal Fries  

"It’s a mix of fries, onion rings & pommes topped with melted cheddar and Monterey jack cheese, parsley, chopped jalapenos and served with the special sauce."

Verdict: It was good with a kick of chili (Jalapeno) to spice it up but what I didn’t like that it was covered  with a little too much sauce for my taste.

Tip for the restaurant: when delivering this dish I’d love to have the special sauce on the side to keep the fries fresh but if you're eating this dish in the restaurant serve as is.

(Appetizer) Buffalo Shrimp Roll 

"Crispy maple glazed shrimp stuffed in a spring roll sheet with buffalo sauce."

Verdict: It was still crispy on the outside which I loved; well seasoned plus the spicy buffalo sauce inside and the maple glaze outside gave a sweet chili flavor to it, due to over cooking the shrimp became chewy.

Tip for the restaurant: the shrimp needs to be half boiled then stuffed in the roll because by the time its done frying the shrimp
would be well cooked. ;)

(Burgers) The Butch Cassidy Burger 

   "A dazzling stuffed cheese grilled patty topped with onion rings, provolone cheese, lettuce and spread with sundried tomatoes aioli."

Verdict: the patty was still juicy although it was cooked well done which I loved plus the provolone cheese is in nice contrast with the sundried tomatoes aioli, it’s like a match made in heaven.

Tip for the restaurant: for the delivery keep the tomatoes aioli on the side to keep the bread from sogging with sauce.

 (Sliders) West Coast Slider 

"Their original patty in potatoes rolls and topped with Tillamook cheese, pickles and their special sauce."

Verdict: juicy patty with potatoes roll on top was the perfect mix and the cheese was delicious.

Tip for the restaurant: the kids will love it because it got the potatoes and the patty in one sandwich so they’ll get everything.

(Sliders) Full Moon Slider 

"Potato bun with beef patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions, potato rostis & their special sauce."

Verdict: it looks like your average burger with the brioche buns but wait ‘till you bite into this baby and you got yourself a treat the buns are potato buns and the patty is perfectly cooked guaranteed to be loved by all.

Tip for the restaurant: no need to change anything about this slider.

(Pastas & Risotto) El Diablo Pizza 

"12” thin crust pizza with tomatoes sauce, shredded buffalo mozzarella, sliced red bell pepper, red onion, jalapeno, fried garlic and roasted chicken."

Verdict: I love the pizza but I’d love if the chicken was tossed in pesto sauce then baked with the pizza that’s just me saying, the ranch sauce however compensated me for the pesto.

Tip for the restaurant: love if you have pesto dipping sauce on the side for the people who don’t like too much garlic in their pizza.

(Pastas & Risotto)  Fusilli Carbonara 

"Fusilli pasta, sautéed chicken, bacon and mushrooms tossed in a creamy sauce."

Verdict: al dente fusilli pasta mixed with the creamy sauce tossed in the white mushroom and Shimeji mushroom then topped with the bacon and freshly grated Parmesan cheese for me it needed a dash of salt also the sauce was not enough for me, the bacon was tasty.

Tip for the restaurant : the sauce amount needs to be increased a little and would love if the pasta was cooked briefly in the creamy sauce with a dash of the Parmesan cheese then served on the plate with extra Parmesan on top.

(Pancakes & Waffles) Nutella French Toast 

"Nutella stuffed French toast topped with caramelized bananas and drizzled with a Dulce de leche cream sauce."

Verdict: the toast was stuffed with the Nutella inside and the fruit on top (caramelized bananas & fresh Strawberries) not to forget the Dulce de-leche sauce for me the sauce was addicting and I needed more.

Tip for the restaurant: would love if there was more Dulce de leche cream sauce and a scoop of ice cream on the French toast.

Well that's all, Many Blessings to you All!

Ranzie & Suki Candy 

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